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February 25, 2019

When you think about your kitchen, what would you say is the most crucial part? Some would say the sink, others would say the stovetop. However, many forget about a very important part of every kitchen. We are talking about the pantry. A very essential part of every successful kitchen is the kitchen pantry storage cabinet. Without this, where would you store all the food that is required for meals that are prepared in a kitchen? Without a pantry, a kitchen is almost pointless. At Kitchen and Decor Center, we are one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in Miami. We are here to ensure that your pantry compliments your kitchen in a way you can be proud.


We Are Equipped With Unique Pantry Designs

When it really comes down to it, there are many designs you can choose from for pantries. You really need to take a second and think to yourself, what design will best suit your home remodel? You can count on one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in Miami. Here is a list of the top designs that our experts feel you must take advantage of:

  • Build-In Pantry
    • Pantry storage built into your cabinetry is a popular option. Typically, a floor to ceiling section of the cabinet space is utilized for food storage. Pull-out shelves can be installed to make it easier to reach items stored in the back.


  • Recessed Storage
    • A recessed pantry is built into the wall rather than protruding out into the kitchen. This is a good option if you’d like to save floor space. Pull-out shelves are recommended for deep set recessed pantries.


  • Pull-Out Storage
    • Your entire pantry can pull-out if you prefer. Depending on placement, the vertical storage of a pull-out pantry can allow access from either side of this cabinet.


  • Walk-In Pantry
    • Your space may allow for a traditional closet or walk-in pantry. This option provides a lot of storage space and versatile layouts that accommodate your needs.


  • Butler’s Pantry
    • A Butler’s Pantry will take your kitchen to the next level. This type of pantry is a walk-in design that provides extra workspace in addition to storage for food, cookware or small appliances. For frequent entertainers, this option provides a functional prep area that allows you to keep the main part of your kitchen picture perfect during the party.


  • Door Design
    • Whatever type of pantry you prefer, the door can match your cabinetry for a seamless look or you can have a little fun with it by repurposing an antique door. This provides an opportunity to add a pop of color and a bit of character to the design.


Try Our Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet Designs Today!

We have the best designs when it comes to a kitchen pantry storage cabinet. The Kitchen and Decor Center in Miami is the leading provider of kitchen design service for the area’s residents. Not only do they have a team that can help bring your design to life, but they also have in house kitchen contractors that will help execute the plan set in place. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help you! We are one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in Orlando.

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