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August 27, 2018

Kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes, but we all can do with a little more counter space. A kitchen island can offer extra prep space, storage, possible seating, and more entertainment options. Not to mention, an island instantly boosts your kitchen’s style and efficiency. Give your kitchen a bit of extra workroom and choose the perfect island for your specific space and needs. The kitchen is the heart of a home, and we spend so much time there cooking, entertaining, and bonding with family and friends. Kitchen and Decor Center is dedicated to creating the kitchen space of your dreams. We provide kitchen remodeling Miami FL residents rave about. Call us today to start on your dream kitchen!


Styles of Kitchen Islands


The kitchen is the hub of your household, and you should have an island that captures the attention. A build-in island can be customized for the ideal size, design, and amenities to complement your room’s decor, and can also become a bold centerpiece. These islands are also ideal for creating out-of-sight storage for small appliances, pots and pans, or extra dinnerware. If you’re looking to customize and install a built-in island, Kitchen and Decor Center provides kitchen remodeling Miami FL relies on.


You might be working with a smaller space less suited to the built-in island. An island with open storage below can keep the room from feeling cramped while maximizing workspace and providing extra storage. You can mount a towel bar on the side of a small island so you can hang towels and dish range, or put in some hooks for keeping utensils on hand. As an added bonus, it makes for easier reaching. Small kitchens are also perfect for mobile cart islands. They can make a great baking station, extra prep space, or storage for lesser-used items, and mobile islands can be moved out when you need them and stored away easily when you don’t. A model that has a mix of open and closed storage options can be the most accommodating for supplies.


The Perfect Kitchen Island For You


Of course, islands aren’t just storage units and prep stations. They are the center of your kitchen and people often gather around it. Whether it functions as a dining area, homework work space, or just a casual setting to  chat over some coffee, you might want to think about an island that has seating accommodations so you can get the most out of your island. For a more avant-garde touch, look into repurposed furniture as an island. Restore and repurpose vintage furniture such as a dining table, dresser, or old butcher’s block into a custom island suited to your unique style. If style is what you’re looking for, you might want to update your existing kitchen island. This will cut down on the disruption of a total kitchen remodel while making the most of your existing structures. A new countertop, hardware, or custom panels, can instantly transform a tired-looking island.


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Thinking about installing or updating your kitchen island? Kitchen Decor Center provides kitchen remodeling Miami FL residents are raving about. Call us to get started on your dream kitchen today!

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