What Cabinet Style Should I Choose For my Kitchen Remodel?

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December 3, 2018

Kitchen cabinet remodelers like Kitchen and Decor Center in Miami can tell you that there are many different styles of cabinets. Choosing the right one can seem like a chore, but knowing more about the different styles can help to clarify which one would work best for you. As an expert in kitchen remodeling Miami FL trusts, we understand what it takes to create a beautiful kitchen with breathtaking cabinets.




This is the most common and most popular style for cabinets in kitchens today. This type of cabinet features a five-piece door with a flat-panel style that has a frame made up of four pieces and single flat center panel as the fifth piece. This style gets its name from the type of furniture also known as Shaker. Shaker furniture is focused on the use of simple, clean lines which is used to showcase utility above all else. The reason that this style of cabinet became so popular is because of this simplicity, which lends itself well to most decor. This is especially the case given the number of wood types, stains, paint, and hardware available.


Given its versatility, Shaker cabinets can work with a range of budgets. For those on a tighter budget, the use of a natural finish can cut costs, and some manufacturers can even replace the center door panel with a more cost-effective material.



This style features horizontal wood slats which add distinct architectural touches to the cabinetry. However, because they are so distinct, they are far more expensive than other styles. That said, these cabinets are great for those storage spaces that require ventilation. This is because there is usually a gap between the slats that allows air to flow through.



These are perhaps the most similar to Shaker style but are even simpler. The flat-panel cabinet lacks many details, but that is precisely what makes it so affordable. Additionally, because of its severity of lines and its minimalist design, it is a perfect fit for kitchens that are more modern or contemporary.




This type of cabinet gets its name from the fact that the doors sit flush with the line of the cabinet rather than sitting outside the frame. The door has to be constructed to nest perfectly inside the frame while still opening and closing properly–even as the wood expands and contracts. This means that it is usually one of the most expensive styles on the market.



Distressed is just what it sounds like. It is the type of style that appears antique and therefore grants an older look to most kitchens. Usually, a tradesperson can distress your cabinets for you by rubbing off the corners or employing other techniques. This, however, will cost extra as you are essentially destroying regular cabinets.

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