What Permits Are Needed For My Kitchen Remodel?

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September 17, 2018

A kitchen remodel is a huge project that has thousands of moving parts. We want you to be prepared for this undertaking, making your life much easier. You may find yourself wondering in this situation if you need a contractors license or if kitchen remodeling companies handle that themselves. This can help prevent delays, fines, and other liabilities that you don’t want to deal with. Luckily, Miami has made this relatively easy to navigate and Kitchen and Decor can walk you through the entire process with ease and professional experience that is unmatched in the area. 

Contractors License

The first thing that any project needs is a contractor or someone to do the work. This is usually a contractor. To begin building, they are going to need a license. It is your responsibility to find a company that has a valid license. Doing construction without a contractor’s license can lead to large fines and delays. Most of the time these fines will fall to whoever is doing the work without a license, but it can still interfere with your project and cause problems. Fortunately, all of the grunt work for actually obtaining a license is up to the builder, so as long as you do your due diligence and hire a company that has one, you really shouldn’t have to worry about it. Most kitchen remodeling companies will already have this certification in place. To ask about our qualifications and certifications, give us a call!

Building Permit

To do construction in Miami, you do need a building permit. This permit will allow you to start a construction job and be compliant with city rules and ordinances. To obtain a building permit, you need to be a licensed contractor or building owner/builder. This is another reason that it’s so important to hire licensed kitchen remodeling companies. The Kitchen and Decor Center is licensed and can handle all the certification that your kitchen project needs. We will help take the headache out of kitchen remodeling and let you focus on what’s important–your personal preferences for your dream kitchen.

Contact Us Today

If you need more guidance on what you’ll need to begin construction on your kitchen remodel, then Kitchen and Decor Center is happy to help. We always work closely with our clients to provide the most seamless experience and allow you to eliminate as much stress as possible. It’s best to work with a professional company that knows what they are doing to avoid fines, delays, and other problems in the design and construction process. Working with a reputable, experienced company like the Kitchen and Decor Center will make the process easy and we’ll also execute the project better than any other in the Miami area. The most important things you need to remember is that your builder needs a contractors license and your building or home needs a valid building permit. If you understand those two pieces of certification and ensure that you have them in place, we can worry about everything else for you. To see what we have to offer your kitchen remodel, go to our services page and contact us today!

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