The Perfect Bathroom Sink Cabinets For Your Small Powder Room

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August 13, 2018

Bathroom sink cabinets can really make or break a bathroom, so it’s important to consider all aspects when planning a bathroom remodel, from space considerations to the type of sink you want installed. Designing a beautiful and efficient bathroom requires a lot of attention to detail, such as choosing the right bathroom vanity, sink, and cabinets. Of course, the cabinets will have to match your sink, so what type of sink you end up choosing or that come with your bathroom will play a large role in what kind of bathroom cabinets you install, so we will discuss those as well. For Miami residents searching up “bathroom vanities near me,” Kitchen and Decor Center promises stellar customer service and quality materials. We have been servicing the area for over a decade and provide everything from bathroom remodeling, retiling, kitchen remodeling, and other interior design services so that you can have all of your home design needs met at one place. Call Kitchen and Decor Center today to start designing your dream bathroom!


Things to Think About When Designing a Bathroom


Bathroom vanities and sink cabinets are crucial components of a bathroom. Your bathroom plays a large part in the first impression somebody has of your home, and moreover is one of the rooms in which you spend the most time. You want somewhere beautiful that you can feel comfortable in, and that your guests will fall in love with. So which bathroom sink cabinets are the right fit for your bathroom? There are many things to think about, such as whether you need a double or single sink, the style or functionality of your bathroom sink/vanity, and the ongoing decor of your bathroom that you want to work with or towards. First of all, you need to evaluate your storage requirements. For some residences with a lot of people living there or a large family, they might need a durable vanity with lots of storage, while a bachelor’s home might be better suited for a sleeker modern design. There are many main categories of vanities offered to suit your bathroom needs, whatever they might be, to research when looking up “bathroom vanities near me.”


Types of Bathroom Sink Cabinets


There are many types of bathroom vanities and sinks to look at when designing your bathroom. One of the most common and popular designs is the freestanding cabinet vanity, which features furniture-like construction on top of a sturdy countertop and a single or double sink. This type of vanity suits a variety of bathroom styles, and offers more storage space and durability as well as versatility to suit almost every kind of home. However, they can take up more space, so if your bathroom is a half or is extremely small, it might be a bit dominating. Smaller spaces might be better suited for wall-mounted vanities, which provide a sleek, modern aesthetic and offer easier cleaning. A vessel sink with vanity has become more popular in recent times due to its unique aesthetic appeal and custom options.


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Bathroom sink cabinets come in a variety of options, each with their pros and cons. If you’re looking up “bathroom vanities near me” in the Miami area, call Kitchen and Decor Center today!

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