12 Bathroom Colors That Will Go With Your New Renovations

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September 10, 2018

Participating in a bathroom remodel is a fun and exciting process. You get the chance to let your creativity shine and your individuality project. A fun part of this process is deciding what colors and themes to incorporate into your bathroom vanity. At Kitchen and Decor Center, we a family business who is dedicated to giving you the best remodel service. These colors will show you how we offer the best bathroom vanities near me.

Our List of Colors

Even if you are not planning a remodel anytime soon, you will be after hearing about these seriously colorful bathroom vanities. Whether you want to go all-over bold, add a subtle accent, or incorporate pattern, we’ve got ideas to get you inspired. No boring bathrooms are allowed!

  • Teal
  • Pink and Blue
  • Lavender
  • Brown Metallic
  • Blue and Gray
  • Green
  • Blue Ombre
  • Tropical Green
  • Sea Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Sage Green
  • Deep Navy
  • Mint Stripes
  • Baby Blue
  • Black- Stained
  • Green Striped


We Are Experts on Bathroom Remodel

Since 2006, our family business has worked with each customer to assist them in not only the design and selection process for their kitchen, but we also stood by them during the entire duration of the process. We are here from the very first visit, down to the very last touch of paint. We offer a large selection of kitchen cabinets, interior doors, and many more items that are sure to match your personal style and taste. You are sure to find the high quality and innovative design you are looking for without having to search endlessly through various retailers and home improvement shops. We have it all!


We Offer Many Vanity Designs

No matter what your personal style or taste is, we are sure to have the perfect vanity that you want. Our methods vary from double sinks to exquisite cabinetry. Be sure to take a look at our gallery to get an idea of styles that can easily be incorporated into your home. What is your color scheme? What is your theme? Have you made a decision on what countertops you are using? Or maybe you are still a little bit up in the air with what to choose. There is no worry. We have experts remodel designers who can help you make the best choice to benefit your bathroom. In no time your bathroom with is something that everyone will be talking about when they visit your home.  There is a reason we are known to have the best “bathroom vanities near me.”


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When to comes to bathroom remodel and new bathroom vanities, we are the best choice. Trust our expert kitchen remodelers. Kitchen and Decor Center is a family owned and operated a company that truly understands the importance of the “Family First” philosophy, and it has been the key to our growing success. It is this philosophy that allows for seamless cooperation at all levels of our growing organization, from management to staff and all the way up to our customers. And although you may only work with one or two individuals, rest assured that our entire team is behind you. We believe that the family continues to grow with every new customer. Call us today for more information. We take pride in being the best service for bathroom remodeling in Miami FL. We honestly do offer the best bathroom vanities near me.

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