Modern Bathroom Designs Trending In The Coming Year

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November 12, 2018

Looking to give your bathroom some flair? Want to give it a complete makeover? Here at Kitchen and Decor Center, we are here to assist with your bathroom remodel. We offer a plethora of bathroom designs that are sure to keep you, and everyone impressed. We know all the best bathroom trends that are popular this year, leading to next. Located in Miami, we offer the best bathroom vanities near me.

Wow So Trendy

If you think about it, the bathroom in your home is your sanctuary. It is your time to unwind, relax, and probably process some pretty intense thoughts. It is not just a place to wash off some dirt, it is so much more than that. Think of a bathroom as a personal spa. When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you are not just creating a practical bathing space, you are also creating a place when you can get away and be yourself. Every aspect and component has to come together towards this goal while also meeting the practical needs of bathing.  


Our List of Top Bathroom Designs and Trends


  • Small Bathrooms
    • In the past, many homeowners made it appoint to have huge luxury bathrooms with enormous double tubs, his and her cabinets, and expansive marble flooring. While this style is very elegant, some have discovered that smaller bathrooms can be just as great. The trend is aiming towards smaller bathrooms with a focus on efficiency and small-scale luxury. The secret to obtaining this goal is to make small bathrooms comfortable, yet not cramped. Remember the efficient use of available real estate.


  • High Tech Toilets
    • The high-tech toilet will see things like seat warmers, automatic lid openers and slow close features, an adjustable air dryer, built-in deodorizers and so on. Another feature available that I bet you never thought of is a wireless music player that automatically turns on when the lid is opened.  It shuts off when the lid is put back down. The jazz and nature tunes are a good alternative for those who do not carry books into the bathroom.


  • Brass and Gold Tone Incorporation
    • A blast from the past. This new tone twist is the perfect complement to the cooler gray paint colors that have become extremely popular in recent years.   The warm gold tone adds just the right amount of depth, dimension, and luxury feels to any space. Homeowners love the change to warmer accents with the brass/gold toned bathroom fixtures versus the traditional shiny polished chrome which conveys a more cool, modern, and sleek feel.


  • Vanity Lighting
    • The bathroom vanity area usually consists of a cabinet, countertop, faucet, and hardware. It is very simplistic. Secondly, we think of the mirrors and lighting. But these two items are just as crucial to the function of the bathroom.  Using lighting strategically can make a world of difference, so not only the bathroom shines brightly, but so do you. Not just in style, but function as well. There are many lighting styles you can use for the vanity area including light bars and wall sconces, but don’t forget about using small pendants as well. We offer the best “bathroom vanities near me.”


  • Other Trends
    • Heating Systems for Floor and Counter Appliances
    • Natural Styles with Organic Undertones
    • Darker Tones
    • Interesting and Uniques Tiles Shapes
    • Bold Accent Walls and Floors


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